Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How to Make Your Gift More Special

Good morning lovelies ..

This is a topic that a lot of people want to know about, we get a lot requests on how to make gifts more personalized, special, unique, and this is what we are all about. These are a few tips that  I think are really helpful when looking for such a gift.

1. This like the person you are trying to gift
This is really important as it is important to get a present that the person your gifting actually wants not what you want. Sometimes you get trapped into the idea thinking "Oooh I like this, I'll get it for so and so". So first decide what you are looking or.

2. Can you get this item handmade?
More and more people are moving to loving handmade items, and one off items. It is always more special when you feel that the gift has been made especially for you, or only you will have this item. Everyone loves to be unique and different.

3. Can you customize your gift?
Think of the present that you want to gift can you customize it? For example, lets talk jewellery (Surprise! lol!), can you change the color? The shape? The gems? Depending on what the person you are making it for likes, and this can go for a lot of other items you are looking for. If you are customizing a purse or a bag.

4. Personalize
For me this is the most important point. At Hana Designs we personalize our jewellery by adding an engraved jewellery tag and you can choose what type of tag. We started offering this service after a lot of you lovely ladies starting to order personalized jewellery. You can engrave a name or a date or a word that means something to you. This has been met by a great response and everyone loves them. If you want to look or something other than jewellery, taking the example from the previous point, a bag or purse you can again get it engraved, or attach an engraved tag to it. Any little personalized item will make so much difference to the presentation and feel of the gift. It chose how much thought has been put in the gift and that is what makes the most difference. If you would like to see the tags we provide click here.

I hope that you find this helpful and hope that all the gifts you buy are loved and appreciated. If you would like to know anything else please leave a comment below or message me anytime.

Have a lovely day beauties.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

New Collection Launch

Hello Beauties ..

As many of you would have already seen that I have launched my new collection this month, but not only that I have also launch a new look along with a few signature designs. If you have not yet seen my collection you can view it here.

First of all about my new logo, complements go to the beautiful Ranya who is an amazing upcoming designer. She was super helpful and did not mind my pickiness (don't think that is a word lol!), I felt bad I'm usually not very picky :D. This is the end result which I totally love and you will be seeing everywhere hopefully.

I have changed the gift packaging now it looks totally cool I will be posting up some pics for you too. All exciting new things about the look and feel of my whole brand, felt we needed a little bit of a change. I'm in the process of changing some things around the house or adding lets say, changing my workshop, my brand .. who can tell I'm board? lol! But it's a good thing.

Now moving to my signature designs, there are a three specific designs that are related to Hana Designs, not all of them are in the store yet, but I want to share with you one that I have fallen in love with. It looks stunning, simple, elegant, you can wear it every day, or dress it up, it is just perfect. Below is a photo of one of the designs that I have used this technique in. You can find the same look in different gems or pearl, in different colors and sizes. So far this has been the most popular of all the newly added items. I have also made my very own request (I haven't made it yet though lol!)

For me this a perfect choice, as a mother of two I find it hard to wear earrings, especially that I like dangly earrings. I get scared that one of them will try to take it out lol! Kids these days are just too curious lol! But these are simple yet beautiful and elegant, not too flashy so I can wear them every day, yet if I'm dressing up it still looks great, and it looks like I have even made an effort, when if you're like me there is no time to make any effort. :D

These are made with Sterling silver and Swarovski white pearls, you can order them in any color pearl. With the same design I have a pair that are made with Semi Precious Aquamarine, and coming soon will be a pair made with Semi Precious Agate. All have their matching necklace sets that you can also purchase from Hana Designs. To see these earrings click here.

There will be more updates coming your way including the Christmas best seller so keep a look out for that. If you have any questions regarding my collection please do not hesitate to message me any time.

Noha xx

Monday, 12 August 2013

A quick update while the kids eat their icecream :D

Hello Lovlies

Hope that you are all doing great and have been enjoying the super weather we have been having this month. I have been away for a while, planning for a lot of great projects that I will be be launching soon so keep checking this space for more information about that. Also I took a bit of time to focus on my twins and spend more time with them to help and encourage them to start speaking. As most of you know they are now just past the two year and a half mark :) so they should be speaking quite a bit, yet alhamdulilah they are still at baba and mama! I have picked up quite a lot of skills and spoken to a lot of people about this issue so if anyone is concerned that they have this issue or would like me to talk more about this just comment below here and let me know.

Wanted to say Eid Mubarak to those of you who are celebrating and hope that the past month has been filled with blessings and that you have been able to make the most of it.

I am quickly typing this post for you guys while Youssef and Hana eat their ice cream, that I gave them to keep them occupied lol! I am just imagining the mess but at least they would have had fun, then we can have fun cleaning up lol!

I have recently just been inspired to make a lot of changes around me, starting with myself and to our apartment. Well I was watching TV as you do, and saw this couple who felt their room was lacking in character and described it as a "box" and well I realised hang on! that looks like my entire apartment haha! I think having been around the kids and always cleaning and tidying after them didn't really give me the opportunity to take a good look round and see what was around me. I'm always looking out for crumbs or toys or anything else that has been misplaced. So yaaay! That's one of the things I want to start doing so if you have any ideas or things to recommend please send them my way.

So alhamdulilah I am excited for all the projects that I have coming and will be updating you a lot more often so keep a look out, also will be having some amazing give aways from my shop.

Have a lovely evening beauties xx

Saturday, 29 June 2013

What's New This July!

Hello my lovelies,

It has been some time since I last had a chance to post to guys but I have been updating my facebook and instagram so you can also follow me on those. I have been just focusing on being Mummy me for a while, toddlers really living up to the "Terrible Twos" name lol! I find it very useful that every once in a while you just sit and think what is important and priorities, some things are important to you at one  point in life but their importance may change.. So I find it very helpful to do this every so often so I  can clearly think where I am needed most. Yes, another trick from my amazing mummy :)

However, I have not forgotten you, my amazing supporters (how could I?) and have come back with a mind blowing offer!!!!! Drum Roll Please!

***It is a MASSIVE up to 70% OFF everything on my etsy store***

Yup, don't believe me check for yourself :). I am clearing out my shelves of all the designs that I have made over the past year and will be away for a few weeks working on a new re-launch for my shop and brand. This are going to change around here, but change for the better hopefully. :)

Because I love you guys so much I didn't want to leave without an amazing gift. I value all your comments and feedback they mean so much to me to feel all the love. If there are any suggestions for my re-launch please pass them my way below in the comments section.

Will be updating you of what I am doing over the next few weeks.... Exciting!!! :)

Nite nite xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

This Month's Best Sellers

Hello Lovlies :)

I have brought to you today two of my best sellers this month. This shows what's in right now and what is going to be great this summer. As you know all my items are especially made and can be re-ordered on my Etsy page which you can access via this blog page by clicking the tab at the top.

The first item that has been very popular and still available for purchase is the Crystal Cluster Bracelet.
It is available in three colors, the pink (which is in the above picture), the topaz and the lavender. It is a very beautiful and sparkly bracelet, and has caught the eyes of many people who have visited my shop. One of the comments that I got from one of the lovely ladies:
I love wearing my beautiful pink crystal bracelet. It goes with almost all of my clothes. It makes me feel like a princess and I know it was made with love because it is so carefully and artistically put together. Thank you
You can see all the other colors at the shop via this link.

The second best seller for this month is only of my wire crochet bracelets. These bracelets are so special as they are very rare out there on the market, not many people own one. They are all made with the highest quality and I just love making them which you would definitely feel when wearing them. 
This is the teal version and you can purchase this by visiting my store here. This bracelet was also ordered in a different color. I custom made this design for a bride who wanted it in ivory and purple shades and you can see the picture below.
And for just everyday wear if you wanted it all in purple, here is one that was also custom designed.

All my items can be custom designed in any color that you like, all you need to do is message me to make sure that I have the color you are looking for and then, purchase the item stating the color in the message section.  

I love receiving all your comments and posts, especially if you have suggestion, things you think I should add  to my shop and anything that I could improve on. So keep them all coming. 

Have a lovely day and don't forget to visit my shop for get your hands on our amazing 40% discount. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Was at the Corn Exchange this weekend

Hello my amazing ladies ..

Yes it is very late but I thought I'd just wish you all a beautiful week. It has been a super busy weekend, as you must of seen from my statuses I was at the Crafty Exchange which was an amazing experience. I met some lovely people there, and also bought some stuff myself.

I bought some handmade pottery tea lights and they are just stunning I love them. I actually bought them for Mum, but keep lighting them and just sit looking at them, they are so pretty I can keep looking at them all day lol. This is her facebook page check it out, I'm sure you guys will love these.

I am definitely looking forward to my next event, I will leave you guys with some pics of the day :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Finally Moved

Hello ladies,

I have finally ,moved woohoooo :). I know a week later I tell you sowi! But seriously moving when you have young children, even if you are getting all the help in world .. WARNING!!.. Not a good idea. I now know lol!

My little two monkies when I took them for a walk on that one sunny day .. you can tell I got excited and got ready for summer lol! 

We started packing two weeks ago believe it or not, and actually started moving our stuff exactly a week ago, and yet the flat is a mess. But I have been to ikea to look at all the lovely storage facilities that they have hoping that I will sort this flat out. Well, at least my intentions are in the right place ;). Hopefully by Monday I should have sorted a lot of things out so we have more busy days ahead of us.

There are two things that I think are SUPER cool that I got from ikea, first a toy storage from the children's section its just like a frame with plastic boxes, it's really easy to put together, but what I love most about it is that the boxes are not like normal drawers. I always have this fear that one of the twins will trap their finger in a drawer, hence I try not to have any drawers that they can reach or get into, and these boxes don't close tightly together so their fingers can be trapped, which for me is extremely comforting. This is a link to one of the designs that they have, this is not the exact one that I got as I had to get a smaller one, but there are all different shapes and sizes so you can pick out something that is suitable for your space.

Another item that I got that I love. Is a hanger that is made out of circles stuck together, I love this idea as it is really useful. I have lots of scarves, as one does, and I am going to organize them in this hanger and hope that it would make it easier for me to keep them tidy. As for now they are still in the moving box, yes they have been there for a week it's terrible I know. Although some have been taken out by the one and only Hana, as she decided she wanted to play with them lol!

Other than that ikea is just the same old stuff, these idea might not be new but it's the first time I see them so I thought I'd share them with you, you may find them useful too.

As well as settling in and getting the twins used to the area, I am also preparing for the Craft Exchange event that is happening next weekend. It is going to be amazing so be there I was to meet all you lovely ladies and we can chat all day. I am hoping to have a kids free day lol! If that is at all possible or you may just have the pleasure of seeing my little ones running around and exploring. I have just updated some new items to my shop so don't forget to pop over and check them out, like them, leave me comments .. I always love hearing from you guys.

It's bed time for me now as twins will soon be up and ready to start a new day full of naughty things that they yet are to discover and do lol! Sweet dreams everyone xx